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It’s our new exclusive Cornish range!


  • Unique loop design allows you to easily alter the length – short, medium or long lead in an instant
  • 6 loop Grippy – all the benefits of the 5 loops but more room for roaming
  • Cushioned webbing for comfort
  • Ring in the handle – it can be clipped together and worn for hands free when your dog is off exploring
  • Multi-loops for non-slip grip
  • Available in 19mm & 25mm width
  • 135cm (53”) long
  • Brass fittings for the Cornish black & gold leads and nickel plated for the St Piran’s flag Grippy’s
  • Ultra strong – doubled over webbing design


It’s our new exclusive Cornish range!

We love the cushioned webbing for it’s comfort and strength, and we’ve brought the Grippy brand back to it’s roots by commissioning the Cornwall colours black & gold. To compliment the colours they come with brass fittings, ansum!

We also have our black Grippy’s embroidered with the St Piran’s flag. These come with nickel plated fittings and there is a St Piran’s flag on each loop below the handle, proper job! (Please allow a little extra delivery time for these embroidered beauties – we say 7 to 10 days but you will probably receive your order well before then).

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