“I recently bought the 6 loopy Grippy from you and I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy delivery. The Grippy is perfect, I am a wheelchair user and with the use of a couple of carabiners I can attach it to my chair and adjust it to the perfect length for my dog to either walk beside me or travel a bit further. It got a bit grimy from the wheels of the chair, and I’ve just discovered that it’s machine washable too! I’m just waiting for it to dry so that I can take the dog out again

Best of luck with your business, I shall recommend Grippy Leads to everyone!”


“Would just like to say how very pleased I am with both the Grippy lead & collar purchased at Discover Dogs but first seen on the Paws in the Park website. The collar is I think the best collar I have had in 35 years of dog ownership. Soft webbing but best of all the large D ring, so easy to attach the lead. I was skeptical about the lead until I used it. I have a border collie & do a fair amount of road walking. This lead gives me close & secure control when needed, but does allow a bit more freedom when possible. Feel very safe when using it. A fantastic product. Thank you”.


“Just wanted to say Thank You for the Grippy lead and the great service and quick delivery etc. The lead is fab. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of my Border Collie Skye with it”.


“Delighted and very pleased to receive my order today (Saturday, 3rd May), having only placed it on Friday, 2nd!!!! Excellent service and excellent product. I have 2 Jack Russells – one big and one small – and to be honest the large lead overwhelms the little jack, but am so pleased with the product, I shall keep it as a spare. Shall come and find you out at the Cornwall Show”.


“Grippy Leads is the best purchase I’ve ever made for dog-related equipment. I am in a wheelchair so I only have one hand to hold the lead (the other is controlling my chair) and I also have a very poor grip, and the Grippy lead is perfect for me. Having the handles means I have more control and I don’t end up cutting off the blood supply to my fingers by wrapping the lead around my hand. The Grippy leads (and the matching collars) are fantastic, durable and easy to clean. They make walking my dog so much easier”.

Lucy and Molly, Crufts 2014 Friends for Life winners


“I just wanted to send you a message to say how pleased we are with the 2 Grippy leads we purchased at the Tregony Heavy Horse Show on the 10th August ‘14. We have 3 cocker spaniels and we have found that since using these leads we are able to control them a lot better and they do not appear to pull as much. I would highly recommend your leads and will of course pass your details on should anyone ask. Good luck for the future and perhaps we will meet again sometime”.
Sarah & Wes

ITV’s Celebrity Dog Thuggy rates her Grippy!

 unnamed (4)

“Well what is there to say about Grippy Leads…..absolutely fantastic….a simple yet BRILLIANT idea. No more needing to wrap the lead around my wrist hundreds of times when needing a shorter lead….a very useful D link so I can secure lead around my shoulders when Thuggy is off the lead! It is very comfortable on the hands, nice soft yet very strong webbing material….As Thuggy is a celebrity follower of Support our Troops, help for heroes and hounds for heroes, her lovely red white and blue lead is an excellent choice of colours to show her support for our troops…Living in Cornwall her lead is open to the elements of rain, sand and salt water….yet 6 months down the line it is still as good as new….no rusting or corroding, no frayed edges….a simply BRILLIANT well made, durable, practical lead……At every show Thuggy attends people stop and ask where I got her lead…..

ThuggyDog (ITV’s Hub Hound) rates this lead 100% and is happy to endorse the product both on her website (www.jnfilms.co.uk) and at all her charity events and celebrity appearances.”


“I am so absolutely delighted with my Grippy lead. After a chance encounter at
the Richmond Show in September this lead has barely left my hand. My dog is
on-lead reactive which means I often need to keep her close to me; the Grippy
is perfect for that as I can hold it lower down with confidence the lead
isn’t going to slip through my hand. I also live at the end of a long
cul-de-sac with a 30mph speed limit and no pavements, so again I need a short
lead for safety. I can use it at any length with confidence that it’s not
going to be pulled through my hand like they can do when you wrap them around
your hand/bunch them up.
I can’t recommend it enough, if I could pick one lead it would be this one;
and the colour/fabric hasn’t shown any signs of damage even after the very
soggy winter we’ve had. I am so glad we came across your stall at Richmond”!

Alice Fowler


“Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent product. The Grippy lead is an absolute winner for me and my exuberant young Collie. Our walks involve close walking, longer lead wandering and off lead sections, but my grip is poor and I can’t hold a retractable lead nor can I hold an ordinary nylon lead for close walking unless I wrap it around my hand which hurts!

The Grippy has really solved the problem as it just works in every situation, short or long lead. I’ve just ordered a second one to keep in the caravan. It’s nice to see someone solve a problem then have the courage to develop the idea. Wishing you and your business every success”.

Heather Morgan

“We bought one of your leads to try at the London pet show at Earls Court earlier in the year and what a revelation! Our working cocker spaniel, Gemma, had always pulled on the lead whatever we tried but since getting one of your leads we have found it easier and more comfortable to control her. When out walking people have noticed the lead and I always recommend them whenever I can so thank you for making walkies a lot easier. Once again thanks”.
Mark, Aideen and Gemma Gravett


“Since having a Grippy lead, our normal leads have not even been used. My children love walking our dog with the Grippy lead, and my grandchildren like holding a loop too, my family would give The Grippy lead 5 stars!! Continue the fab work guys”.

Mrs Katie Tizzard-Kennedy


“The lead is really great, what a concept, I’ve had challenging dogs all my life (50years+) this is the best lead ever. I’m so enthusiastic, other dog walkers now get a quick demo, they’ll be avoiding me for different reasons in the future”.

Mrs Carole Bambrough-Oates

“I love the lighter-weight Grippy dog lead – it’s so comfortable to use and perfect for a smaller dog, with the lighter metal clasp.
It is particularly good for pavement walking, as we live in a city and allows real control over the dog when walking at heel, or if the dog is nervous in traffic. Also extending, for sniffing purposes!
I now prefer it to the retractable type lead, which I have always used for parks and country walking. It is more secure, as I have had the occasional accident, where I have dropped the handle or once when Spud bolted and the cord ripped through the side of my hand.
I was going to suggest a longer version, but I see you are producing one already”.


Mrs Carolyn Codling

“Just been out using my Grippy…so useful!”

Mrs B Hosken-Johns


“Thank you Grippy Leads for helping me to multi-task! I was able to go for a walk with the pushchair and boisterous Labrador in one hand and also talk on the mobile in the other! A great design that keeps the dog under control without squashing your hand”.

Miss J Harvey


“Cash loves her new posh collar and lead, and the modelling!! Every dog owner must have one, buy your ‘Original Grippy’ lead now. Brilliant invention, well done”.



Mrs E Saville


“My Grippy Lead has transformed my walks with Buddy and I’d like to give you a big thank you hug”!

Name witheld